Super Tuesday thoughts

I voted here in Texas on Tuesday. I’ve blogged in short bursts over the last few years about the upcoming election, and the last one, but now is a good time to collect my thoughts on the race.

Clyburn’s endorsement leading in to South Carolina was critical. Then there was the incredible coordination of Pete, Klobuchar, and Beto all endorsing within 24 hours of each other, culminating in that rally in Dallas the night before Super Tuesday. I’m not sure Biden even advertised in Texas. Everything changed very quickly.

I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut about Bernie because I was quietly psyching myself up to support him if he became the nominee. I’m still disappointed that he and his most hardcore supporters did not do more to help Hillary in 2016. He attacked her character for a year and too many people stayed home.

Now we need to welcome Bernie supporters back to the Democratic party and hope that anyone clinging to that perfect or nothing attitude can let it go, in the same way that I hope to let go of 2016. I think there’s inspiration in Hillary’s own support of Obama, especially her fantastic speech at the 2008 convention. It’s powerful. She knew that unity was more important than anything else.

Biden was not my first, second, or third choice. He might not have been your first choice. It’s not a good feeling when by the time voting comes around your favorite candidate has already lost.

I loved what Beto had done for Texas in 2018. I loved imagining how effective Klobuchar could be not just as president, but at unifying moderates who felt the country was being ripped apart at the extremes. The last thing we need right now is more divisiveness.

Beto and Klobuchar were out, so I voted for Warren. In a parallel universe somewhere, the timing of momentum would have worked out for her to be president, and she’d be a great one. But the Democratic party has spoken. The nominee must be Biden.

And it’s kind of fitting. Trump tried to preemptively cheat against Biden using leverage with Ukraine. Trump was caught, impeached, still did a lot of damage to Biden in the process… but you know what? We’re going to !#@%-ing nominate Biden anyway just to send a message to Trump.

Let’s get ready. Biden is now our best choice to get this country back on track, and as Klobuchar said, to put someone with a heart back in the White House. I’m starting to get excited thinking about all the great choices he will have for vice president.

Manton Reece @manton