Free microcasting through April

It is really easy in times like this to feel lost, unsure of how best to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. is a tiny company where we all already work from home. Jon Hays has even written a series of blog posts recently about working remotely with a team.

We wanted to do a little something extra for everyone who now finds themselves working from home, or needing to take time off work, to encourage everyone to stay creative and positive. Here’s what we’ve come up with: free podcast hosting for all hosted microblogs through April.

Merlin Mann was also thinking about how the world might see new podcasts right now:

Remember how there were (supposedly) so many pregnancies that happened during the New York Blackout?

I hope we get that but for really good new podcasts.

Jean MacDonald is working on some resources to help those who have never made a podcast before get started. Details will follow next week. In the meantime, we have a help page with the basics.

We’ve said since the launch of podcast hosting on that everyone has a story to tell. That’s probably even more true right now. We are also extending all accounts that have already expired for an additional 30 days.

And if you already have a paid subscription but you’re getting hit hard financially right now, drop us an email and we’ll credit your account for the month. Take care, everyone!

Manton Reece @manton