Micro.blog 1.7.3 for iOS

We’ve shipped version 1.7.3 of Micro.blog for iOS. From the release notes:

  • Fixed issues and improved colors in Dark Mode.
  • Fixed crashes when sharing some photos to Micro.blog from other apps.
  • Fixed blurry thumbnails when selecting or filtering a photo.

There were several Dark Mode-related glitches fixes in this update. Dragging to view a conversation looks better, navigation bar colors update when switching to Dark Mode without restarting the app, and we’ve switched the timeline background color to use full black instead of very dark gray.

You can grab the latest version in the App Store. And if the official Micro.blog app isn’t your cup of tea, remember that there are other great third-party iOS apps including Gluon, Icro, and specialized tools like the new Mimi Uploader.

Manton Reece @manton