Day One and microblogging

I blogged years ago about how I started writing in a journal, originally in books and then in Day One. I’m trying to get back into the routine of writing regularly, so this week I upgraded to the new version of Day One. I had been sticking with the classic version because I liked syncing with Dropbox, but it stopped being supported on iOS in favor of Day One’s own syncing.

These journal entries are so important to me, I don’t really want them permanently encrypted in the cloud, where the data is opaque and could be lost. I’ve been thinking about a couple options:

  • Export as plain text from Day One every month or so. These exports could be archived on Dropbox. Day One’s export options are great, even including printed books!
  • Switch to using for journaling. Long-term, I really want all of my journal entries published on the web, but there needs to be some distance from the events. For example, maybe there could be a feature that automatically published entries older than 10 years.

For now, I’m enjoying using Day One. It’s well worth the yearly subscription. I may experiment with eventually moving to something blog-based, or look at adding Day One import to for anyone who wants to keep their journal and microblog in sync.

Manton Reece @manton