Easier Micro.blog podcast cover art

Podcasting with Micro.blog requires no configuration. Just upload an MP3 with your blog post and Micro.blog handles the rest: creating a podcast feed, using your profile photo as the cover art, and setting other defaults.

If you want full control over the podcast feed, it’s just a Hugo template. You can edit it with a custom Micro.blog theme to add anything you want. Because of this flexibility, I’ve been recommending that anyone starting a podcast on Micro.blog who doesn’t want to create a separate account (which would have its own profile photo) to tweak the podcast feed to override the default cover art.

Now it’s much easier. There’s a new feature on Micro.blog under Posts → Design that lets you change the cover art:

Podcast settings

Click the existing cover art to select a new image from your uploads:

Podcast uploads

Happy microcasting!

Manton Reece @manton