Family podcasts

For the last 2 years, Chet Collins has published a microcast where he shares bits from his day with his kids. He wrote on his blog this week about why a podcast is such a nice format for capturing these memories:

Audio recordings, in an open format, are about as future-proof as you can get. Even more than that, these recordings deliver the actual sound of my children’s voices, their laughter, and their unfiltered thoughts. They are the perfect time capsule of my children, recorded and preserved for the future.

These recordings are very special. Using a podcast essentially provides some structure, transforming audio snippets from everyday life into a format that can be easily reviewed later. It’s more organized than a digital junk drawer of random video clips, which for most people are unlikely to ever be edited. Podcasts inherently have a narrator to give context.

The closest thing we’ve done is a family travel blog, where text and photos can be brought together to highlight certain parts of the day. A podcast would make a great addition to that.

Manton Reece @manton