Today's Dithering

No surprise since we launched microcasting on — short podcasts, usually around 5-15 minutes — that I love the short format of Dithering with John Gruber and Ben Thompson. Today’s episode covers the escalating Trump vs. Twitter drama. Ben says:

At the end of the day, people act like what Twitter should do is obvious. When, one, I can make an argument for any number of things that Twitter should do, all of which are in conflict with each other. But two, it turns out most companies are not prepared for the president of the United States to be tweeting murder conspiracy theories, and I think that’s a pretty understandable lack of preparation.

They cover a few angles of this. It’s a really good episode.

Last year I published an essay about open gardens that fits right into this discussion, on the balance between free speech and moderation in social networks. It remains a guiding principle of how I think about

Nick Heer also has a good summary at Pixel Envy on Trump’s executive order with related links.

Manton Reece @manton