Core Intuition 423

We published a new episode of Core Intuition today. From the show notes:

Daniel and Manton react to Apple’s statement against racism, and also talk a bit about the Accidental Tech Podcast’s statements. They talk about trying to figure out what we can all do as individuals in the wake of this. Daniel talks about getting a Black Ink update out the door while continuing to struggle with finishing up MarsEdit 4.4. Manton shares an update on progress, and shares his new “stop keeping track of things” methodology for getting things done.

The podcast is 12 years old now, started right before WWDC 2008. I don’t know if we’ll still be recording 12 years from now, but let’s imagine we might be. What will America look like in 2032? I hope we will all be able to look back on the intervening years and say that we cared about something that mattered, supporting the people who made a difference.

Manton Reece @manton