Sunlit 3.0 beta and source

A couple weeks ago I posted a sneak peek at Sunlit 3.0, our iOS companion app for photos. Today we’re opening up the beta and also making the source code public.

You can sign up on TestFlight here. There are still some rough edges, and this version is mostly for iPhone. iPad will be improved in the next beta, and macOS will follow later.

Sunlit can post to blogs, WordPress, or any blog that supports the Micropub API. You can use it with a free account or a paid subscription.

Composing a new post is much more flexible now. You can post a quick photo, or you can create a full blog post with multiple photos and text sections. I’ve created a screencast below to show how it works:

Jon Hays also joined me on the latest episode of Timetable to talk about the Sunlit beta and more.

Manton Reece @manton