Micropub improvements

We had a great Micropub pop-up session over the weekend, discussing a dozen Micropub extension proposals. I’ve now implemented some of the improvements in Micro.blog:

  • Added a filter parameter when getting the category list. If someone is using categories more like tags and has hundreds or thousands of categories, the server can now filter them, making it easier to build category auto-complete in client apps.
  • Added support for standalone pages. You can create a page by sending mp-channel=pages. To query a list of pages, use q=source&mp-channel=pages. Update: Changed from h-page to instead use the new channels idea.
  • Added q=contact to help clients do username auto-complete. This requires the filter parameter. Clients should also maintain their own username cache, built from the timeline or following lists, so they can show results quickly even before asking the server.
  • Updated q=source on the media endpoint to support paging through uploaded photos with limit and offset parameters.

Micropub continues to improve through IndieWeb community discussions like this. If you’d like to learn more about Micropub, I’ve published the Micropub draft chapter from my upcoming book here.

Manton Reece @manton