Bringing back GitHub archiving used to have a feature that would mirror the HTML and photos for your blog to GitHub, so that you’d always have an extra copy as a backup outside of The initial version of this feature had some limitations that forced me to disable it over a year ago. I always hoped to bring it back in another form, and today I rolled out the replacement.

The new version of GitHub archiving has a few changes:

  • It uses a new structure based on the Blog Archive Format. It is a single HTML file (with Microformats), a JSON Feed (with both HTML and original Markdown), and all your uploads, like photos, videos, and podcast episodes.
  • It now has more limited access to your GitHub account for better security. It only works with your own public repositories. If you previously used this feature, I’ve cleared any access that used to have.
  • It is designed as an archive, not a live mirror, so it only sends changes to GitHub about once a week. You can enable it and then forget its there, and I can keep supporting it because it uses fewer server resources.

I’ve updated the help page to describe the new feature. It’s available under Posts → Design.

Manton Reece @manton