Jason Fried on TWiST about Hey vs. Apple

I was listening to Jason Fried on This Week in Startups today while out taking a walk, and Jason said something so extraordinary it kind of stopped me in my tracks. On the Hey vs. Apple controversy:

If the Apple decision would have gone the other way, I was considered quitting, and basically retiring. […] Here’s why: I didn’t get into business — I didn’t start a business — to be told what to do by another business. […] We’re self-funded. We do everything our own way so that we can do it our own way. And to be in an industry where if Apple forced us to have to give them 30% of our business and not be able to interface with our customers the way we want, I don’t want to be in that industry.

The segment starts about 60 minutes in. Here’s an Overcast link to the spot in the podcast.

Even more than the latest case with Epic Games, or WordPress iOS rejected for weeks, that quote from Jason highlights what this is all about. Apple’s total control over iPhone app distribution and payment is preventing developers from doing their best work. The App Store started with good intentions, to help users, but the rules have become twisted, corrupted as Apple gains power. It’s not right.

Manton Reece @manton