Countdown to Sunlit 3.0: Tumblr blogs

Sunlit 3.0 will ship tomorrow. For the last post in this blog post series to highlight Sunlit features, I want to mention a convenient way to follow Tumblr photoblogs. is based on blogs and IndieWeb standards so that it can integrate well with the rest of the web, not be walled off like a silo. One aspect of this is that you can follow many blogs in even if the author of the blog hasn’t registered on yet, similar to how you can subscribe to blogs in a feed reader like NetNewsWire or Feedbin.

For Sunlit, there’s special support for searching for Tumblr blogs so that they are easy to follow directly from within Sunlit. Use the search under the Discover tab to enter the domain name to follow, as shown in this series of screenshots:

Search screenshot   Tumblr result   Tumblr profile

There is expanded support for following other blogs and even Mastodon users in itself. You can always use to find a blog to follow, then go back to Sunlit and those posts will appear in the Sunlit timeline.

Tomorrow we’ll update the App Store for the Sunlit 3.0 release. I hope you like it!

Manton Reece @manton