What's new in Micro.blog 2.0

I’ve written a few blog posts to preview some features in Micro.blog, but until 2.0 launched today we didn’t really have everything in one place. Here are a bunch of the new features:

  • Bookmark archiving for Micro.blog Premium. When you bookmark a microblog post (or bookmark any URL on the web), Micro.blog will download the web page and save a copy of the text and images. This also makes the web page searchable.
  • Highlighting. Bookmarked web pages get a special reading interface. Make highlights in the text and use those highlights as quotes in future blog posts. See this video for a tour.
  • Multiple account support on iOS. Tap your profile icon in the menu to add a new account or switch between accounts.
  • Manage uploads. On iOS, upload photos, podcasts, or any file to your blog. On macOS, you can also drag files in to upload them. Uploaded files get a Copy HTML button to paste an img, audio, video, or link tag for the upload into a blog post.
  • Redesigned web interface with new sidebar. It is now much easier to access your blog settings and edit posts.
  • Share extension to add a bookmark on iOS. There’s also a bookmarklet to use in your web browser.
  • Improved character counter on the web. When writing a new post, it now takes into account the text length after processing Markdown.
  • Editing replies. You’ve been able to edit your own blog posts for a while. Now you can also edit replies to other people. Great for fixing typos.
  • Separate window for new posts on macOS. The app looks the best on macOS 11 Big Sur, but still supports Mojave and Catalina too.

And many other minor improvements and fixes. Enjoy!

Manton Reece @manton