Sunlit 3.2

We’ve released an update to our photo app Sunlit with the following changes:

  • Added Bookmarks tab and star icon in timeline to bookmark a photo.
  • Added share sheet for starting a new post from other apps.
  • Added option for new posts to choose photos already uploaded to your blog.
  • Improved signing in to look for existing sign-in info if app is also installed.
  • Improved entering accessibility alt text to show multiple lines.
  • Improved performance when uploading multiple photos.
  • Fixed keeping in-progress reply text when switching to another app.
  • Fixed potential crash when uploading photos.
  • Fixed publishing errors when upgrading from an old version without re-selecting blog.

Download it in the App Store. Next up on the to-do list: an iOS widget extension. Jon has been testing it and it will show up in the TestFlight beta soon.

Manton Reece @manton