How to blog about books

First, there is no right way! Just type something about what you’ve read or want to read, hit post, and you’re good. However, we have built a few book-specific features in to that aren’t obvious on first glance.

My favorite is the book search. Enter an ISBN-13 or a book title and author, and will return a list of books it finds using Open Library and ISBNdb. From there, you can click to automatically draft a post with the book title, link, and author. You can then add some commentary or just publish it as-is.

Blog posts that contain the books emoji 📚 will get collected in our Discover → Books collection. If the post includes a link to with the ISBN (, added for you by the book search), then will also show the blog post on our book covers grid, which is another fun way to discover what people on are reading.

A nice bonus with including 📚 in your posts is that it’s easy to tell to add all your book-related posts to a category on your blog. Click on Categories → Edit Filters and make a filter that assigns the Books category whenever a post contains that emoji. also supports indiebookclub. It uses the Micropub API to publish blog posts, and will format them so they are also included in the book covers and Discover collection.

Personally, I’ve been reading a lot the last few months. I’ve also started to use Goodreads more, in addition to blogging about books I finish on my own site, to better understand what additional features we could build around books for

Manton Reece @manton