Wavelength 1.1 and podcasting trial

We updated our iOS companion app Wavelength today. The new version adds Dark Mode support, now uses the system font, and takes care of some other housekeeping after going so long without an update.

We are also open-sourcing the app! It is available here on GitHub. Just like our other app Sunlit, this was developed with Jon Hays and as we wanted to open source more pieces of Micro.blog, Wavelength felt like a perfect next step.

To celebrate the launch of version 1.1, we’re enabling podcast hosting for all paid Micro.blog accounts for the next 2 weeks. You can publish a podcast episode to your blog via Wavelength, or upload an MP3 directly on the web. We take care of generating a podcast feed and all the other details. If you want to continue with podcast hosting after that, it’s included in Micro.blog Premium for $10/month.

Download Wavelength from the App Store, or learn more in the Help Center.

Manton Reece @manton