Open-sourcing the apps

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the longevity of and where we need help to continue to grow the platform and community. As we approach 4 years since the public launch, there are some parts of the platform and supporting services that should be shared more widely, so that I’m not the bottleneck on every little change.

As a next step, all the native apps for iOS and macOS are now open source, available on GitHub:

Note that the projects started as private repositories without the intention of lots of people seeing them, so the usual disclaimers apply: the project structure might be confusing, the code a little messy, and maybe not everything will work perfectly without some tinkering.

I’ll have more to write later about how we want to grow this year. In the meantime, enjoy the code! MIT license, so there’s plenty of flexibility to use it however you’d like.

Manton Reece @manton