Micro.blog 2.1 for macOS, beta 2

Usually I work on features in short sprints and ship them out to everyone as soon as they are ready. Days or weeks, not months, unless it is a major overhaul that touches all pieces of the platform. For Micro.blog 2.1 for macOS, I set out to add some export options directly to the app, and it has proven to be a bit of a slippery slope… If there’s Markdown export and Day One, might as well add Blog Archive Format and WordPress too. And if there’s export, what about import?

But importing and exporting are already part of Micro.blog on the web. We support importing from WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Ghost, Markdown, and others. It doesn’t make sense to recreate all of those in the native app, unless there’s an advantage to running locally like for our Instagram import on macOS.

This is all a long way of saying, I’m keeping 2.1 in beta while I continue to work on this and test it. Your milage may vary, make sure you have backups, etc. You can download the latest beta here.

Manton Reece @manton