Micro.blog 2.2 with sharing from Glass

I’m always paying attention to new platforms that pop up, especially when there is some overlap with Micro.blog. The iOS-only photo sharing app Glass launched last week as an interesting alternative to larger social networks. Today I’m announcing a new version of Micro.blog with special support for Glass.

Glass has no public API or web version, but it does have a way to share a simple web page of your photo. We’ve leveraged this so that you can take one of your Glass photos and send a copy directly to your own blog.

Here’s a quick screencast video showing this feature in action:

This might look normal enough, but because Glass shares a web page URL instead of the photo, if you use any other app you’re just going to get a link. Micro.blog downloads the HTML, parses it looking for the photo URL and caption, then moves that into a Micro.blog post. The new photo is hosted on your blog, with your own domain name if you have one.

Glass is so new that it remains to be seen where the app will go, and how it might expand in the future. It shares some of the same principles as Micro.blog — no ads, no algorithms, no likes — but Glass lacks important open web features like domain names and IndieWeb APIs.

I’ll always prefer posting photos to my own blog instead of a silo. We do need more social networks, though, and any attention that can be pried away from Facebook and Instagram is a win. Best of luck to the Glass folks.

Manton Reece @manton