Upgraded Micro.blog hosting

We’ve finished a server upgrade for Micro.blog-hosted blogs. It’s now backed by the Caddy web server and includes a few other improvements. The big changes for Micro.blog are:

  • Automatic HTTPS. If you used custom domains on Micro.blog before, you noticed there was a delay between setting up your domain and HTTPS getting enabled. That delay is gone now.
  • Hostname redirects. Micro.blog now always redirects to the primary version of your custom domain. As an example, my domain under the Design page is set to “www.manton.org”, so “manton.micro.blog” and “manton.org” will redirect there.
  • Faster publishing. Because of some of these changes, we cut down on the work Micro.blog does behind the scenes, making it faster to go from clicking “Post” to having the web page live on your blog.
  • Scaling. We can now more easily copy your hosted blog across multiple servers. This will minimize downtime and help performance as we grow.

If you are hosting on Micro.blog, you don’t need to do anything. All blogs have been upgraded with these improvements.

If you notice any problems, please let us know. We’ve been rolling this out slowly over the last few days to avoid rate-limiting with new HTTPS certificates. If you are using Cloudflare in front of Micro.blog, you will need to disable Cloudflare’s request proxying so that Micro.blog can finish setting up the secure version of your site.

Manton Reece @manton