30 days book?

This might seem like a distraction or procrastination technique, but bear with me here. @patrickrhone’s talk at Micro Camp must’ve been sitting in the back of my mind because I realized I should collect my 30 day series — coffee shops, libraries, parks, and murals — into a book. I’m using it as a trial run for the print layout for Indie Microblogging, experimenting with the size, fonts, footnotes, etc.

30 days screenshot

After I finish the final week of murals, I’ll send a copy off to IngramSpark for printing. I’m actively editing Indie Microblogging and feel good about wrapping it up this year. If everything turns out well with 30 Days, maybe I’ll include the book as a bonus for Kickstarter backers at higher tiers too. We’ll see.

Manton Reece @manton