A new app for books: Epilogue

Last week I sent out a survey to ask how people are tracking books they are reading or blogging about. The response was encourage enough that I got to work building a new app for books. It’s called Epilogue.

As I discussed on Core Intuition, we already have a few iOS-only apps, but Micro.blog is before anything else a web-based platform. Vincent is working on an official Android app, and whatever we do next should be available on multiple platforms. So I decided to try something new with Epilogue, designing the UI with HTML to share it across both iOS and Android.

I’m pretty happy with the result. There are a few quirks in the UI — things we can probably smooth over in future versions or if necessary replace with fully-native screens. But I was able to build the whole thing quickly by iterating in Safari on my Mac.

Here are a few screenshots:

Books list Book detail Searching

Epilogue is now available as a public beta on TestFlight. It will be available on Google Play soon-ish. I have it working, even if Android is still mostly uncharted territory for me. I also feel like I need to get some public feedback before going too much farther down this road.

It’s open source. GitHub says the language breakdown is:


What’s next? This first beta is for people who are already using Micro.blog. It’s for quickly adding a book or blogging about it. The search is new, powered by Google Books. We’ll wrap up 1.0 soon and then consider where to go with the app in future versions.

With a dedicated app, we could add more features than would fit into Micro.blog on the web, but I also don’t want to get too sidetracked. The goal is a lightweight app that can complement other book services, making it easier to blog about books.

Manton Reece @manton