Epilogue 1.0 for Android

Epilogue is now available in Google Play. This is the first official app we’ve released for Android! Version 1.0 is very focused — just adding books to your reading list and posting about the book to your blog — but if people like it we’ll add additional features in future versions. I like that it takes a small part of the “bookshelves” in Micro.blog and makes it much quicker to access.

We are not going to compete directly with all the features in the new Goodreads competitors that have sprung up recently. Italic Type, StoryGraph, and Literal have interesting approaches to tracking books and building a community around reading. We’ll integrate with them where we can. Instead, Epilogue is for that last step of connecting to your blog, so that you can share your books at your own domain name where you own the content. To get there, we had to build a little bit of plumbing that is similar to those other book services, but I want Micro.blog and Epilogue to remain as lightweight as possible.

The iOS version is stuck in App Review. You can still get the TestFlight public beta here. We also have a blog just for Epilogue news: epilogue.micro.blog.

Happy reading! If you need inspiration, browse through the covers for books that members of the Micro.blog community are reading in our Discover section for books. Each book cover links to a blog post.

Manton Reece @manton