Drafts and scheduling posts

This week we improved a few things in Micro.blog for managing drafts and scheduling blog posts to publish at a future date. If you have any drafts or scheduled posts, you’ll see a new set of buttons in the Posts screen on the web to filter your posts:

Filter buttons screenshot

You can save a post as a draft in the iOS or macOS apps, on the web (click the “…” button), or from apps like Ulysses, iA Writer, and MarsEdit. Some apps can automatically schedule a post just by picking a date in the future. You can now also take any draft post in Micro.blog on the web and schedule it from the editing screen:

Scheduling screenshot

As always, Micro.blog is first about quick, easy posting. If you don’t need drafts or scheduling, the UI should stay out of your way. I know how cluttered some other blog systems can get, and we want to keep Micro.blog as streamlined as possible even though it does have advanced features under the hood.

Manton Reece @manton