Styling newsletters in

We improved the email newsletter subscriptions feature today based on early feedback. There are a couple of bug fixes: not putting imported posts into emails, and a better “from” email address that includes your name.

Styling of HTML emails is now possible with CSS. Under the Design → “Edit CSS” screen, there’s a new checkbox to include the CSS with emails in addition to on your blog:

CSS checkbox screenshot

The email content is wrapped in a microblog_email class, which you can use if you want to target specific parts of an email without affecting the CSS on your blog. For example, when collects posts together in weekly or monthly emails, it adds a link with the post date. If you wanted to change the color of that link:

.microblog_email .microblog_permalink {
    color: orange

This could also be used for changing the appearance of block quotes or inline images. I’ll be sprinkling in some more CSS class names in the future so that other components of the email are easy to override.

Manton Reece @manton