Book pre-orders email

I sent the following email to anyone who was early to pre-order the book Indie Microblogging. My main goal was to inform people who might have pre-ordered a year ago that we lowered the price, and that they can update or cancel their order if they need to.

Sidenote: We use SendGrid to send email and despite disabling all the tracking in the settings, SendGrid still appears to put tracking info in the email. I hate email tracking and have reached out to SendGrid about how to really disable this in the future.

Thanks for pre-ordering the book Indie Microblogging! You are receiving this email because you were one of the very early pre-orders, from last year or earlier. If you haven’t heard the latest news about the book, the complete draft of the book is now available here on the web:

Because you were an early pre-order, a couple of things have changed. I lowered the price of the e-book from $20 to $15. I also added a print edition as an option.

What’s next? We saved your payment information securely with our payment processor Stripe, but we have not charged any orders yet while I wait to finish completing the book this month. You have a few options from here:

  • If you still want the e-book, no need to do anything! You will be charged the new lower price of $15 and will receive an email with the e-book in ePub and PDF formats when it is ready.
  • If you no longer want the book, email and I can cancel your order.
  • If you want to upgrade your pre-order to also include the print edition ($30 total for both e-book and paperback), also email and let me know.

For more details about the book and current status, watch this video I recorded for Kickstarter backers.

Manton Reece @manton