Needless ratings

I’ve noticed this trend Jason Fried blogs about too, and I’m tired of it… We don’t need to be asked to rate every little thing! It generates a lot of needless busy work for everyone.

They ask me to rate my “experience”. Thing is, I didn’t have an experience. The delivery person just left the package by the mailbox and I grabbed it when I got home.

We’ve been using HelloFresh recently, and they also ask for a 1-5 rating for food deliveries. I always unpack the box first before rating. If the food arrived on time and in good condition, I give it a 5. If the food was damaged or spoiled, I call customer service. Not sure what situation I would rate something a 2 or 3 or 4, so the numbers can’t be that helpful to anyone.

All these rating prompts — from pop-ups on web sites, to text messages from my dentist asking how my appointment was — have become like noise, hardly better than ads.

Manton Reece @manton