CDN for blogs has always tried to put all the important URLs for your blog at your own domain name if you have one, including URLs for photos you post to your blog. I like this because it’s consistent with prioritizing content ownership, and makes migrating photos to another blog host easier in the future. We like clean, simple URLs.

Today we’re adding an option to enable serving photos from a content delivery network. This will update your photo URLs to use the CDN, while your home page and other blog pages will still use your own domain name. As your blog grows, especially with years of uploaded photos, this can really improve performance as people visit your blog from all over the world.

To enable the CDN, click on Design and look for the “ Use content delivery network for images” checkbox:

Screenshot of CDN checkbox.

There is no extra charge for this feature, and it’s included in all plans. Happy photo-blogging!

Manton Reece @manton