Why Micro.blog is supporting Bluesky now

Today we enabled Bluesky as an option in Micro.blog. This adds to our existing cross-posting feature that supports platforms such as Mastodon, Tumblr, Medium, and Flickr. When you post to your blog, Micro.blog can copy the post to any of these platforms automatically.

As Twitter continues to implode, we are seeing a renewed interest in the open web and decentralized social media. It’s an exciting time. Mastodon and the larger fediverse have grown to nearly 9 million users. Micro.blog is part of that with its support for ActivityPub, so Mastodon users can follow and reply to Micro.blog users directly.

While Mastodon and ActivityPub have most of the attention, I’m not entirely sure how this next generation of open protocols is going to shake out. I like how Bluesky is focused on domain names and data portability, principles that are shared by the IndieWeb and Micro.blog. Whatever happens with Bluesky, I think there’s inspiration here that can benefit other platforms as well.

That’s why we’re adding support for Bluesky now, even before the Bluesky folks have rolled it out to everyone on their waiting list. Micro.blog has never been about a single protocol. It’s about putting your blog at the center of your online identity, the place where you can post short posts, longer essays, photos, podcasts, or whatever else you want to share.

It’s still early. I’ll be watching how Bluesky evolves. There will be challenges to potentially intertwine different approaches to federation. But now is not the time to build walls. Let’s try a few things, new ways to connect platforms, knowing some might not pan out, because that’s how the open web gets better.

Manton Reece @manton