About blocking in Micro.blog

When we added muting to Micro.blog, there was a discussion about whether user blocking should be added at the same time. My feeling was that Micro.blog is built around public blog posts on the web, so blocking didn’t seem particularly useful, and might even give someone a false sense of confidence that a specific user wouldn’t see their posts. After all, the posts are available to RSS readers and just reading on your blog for anyone.

This is the kind of opinion a programmer would have, though. “Well actually, the post is available anyway if you just drop down to the command-line and type curl and…” I was thinking about this again watching Bluesky scramble to add blocking a few weeks ago. We try to be thoughtful and not reactionary, so this was really something we should have taken care of earlier.

This is all a long way of saying that our initial support for blocking is rolling out this week on the web and the API, and in other apps to follow. Blocking someone will prevent your posts from showing up in their timeline. There may be tweaks and other options added to this later.

Manton Reece @manton