Micro.blog 3.2.1 for iOS

We’ve updated Micro.blog for iOS to version 3.2.1 with some additional improvements. One change you’ll notice right away is that the formatting toolbar now has more traditional “b” for bold / “i” for italic buttons. In previous versions I thought that showing the Markdown syntax on the button titles would help educate people on how Micro.blog worked, but it just created more confusion. I like the simpler buttons.

For Micro.blog Premium subscribers, you’ll also see a new audio icon for attaching an MP3 (or any file) to a blog post.

Full release notes:

  • Updated new post toolbar to use b, i, and link icons.
  • Added audio attach icon to new post for Micro.blog Premium subscribers.
  • Added new notifications pane when receiving new mentions.
  • Added link to Indie Microblogging book and Markdown reference in help.
  • Fixed remembering last selected blog when using multiple blogs.
  • Fixed scrolling to allow more room for accessibility text on photos.
  • Improved some minor layout and styles in other parts of the app.


Manton Reece @manton