Micro.blog 2.0 for Android

Even though we now share most code across iOS and Android, I wanted to keep the version numbers separate so that each platform can evolve as it needs to. Today we are bumping Micro.blog for Android to 2.0 because of a big addition: a system share action from other apps to Micro.blog.

Now when you’re in another Android app, you can start a new blog post or save a bookmark. Here are a few screenshots showing text selected in Chrome and then shared to Micro.blog to create a new post with the quoted text and URL.

Screenshot of Chrome with selected text. Screenshot of share sheet. Screenshot of new post in Micro.blog.

Thanks as always to Vincent Ritter for developing this. Meanwhile I’ve also been tweaking things for iPad, so there will be another iOS release not too far off.

Manton Reece @manton