A longer post about U2 in Vegas

I posted a photo the night of the concert, purposefully picking something simple at the beginning in case people were planning to see the show and wanted to be surprised. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers for movies, books, and concerts as much as possible. Don’t tell me the setlist; I just want to experience it.

But let me share a little more about the concert. First of all, my bias is that I’m a U2 fan. I’ve seen them live several times. I bought tickets for Vegas a few months ago without a clear idea of who could go with me or how I would get there.

This is where you can stop reading if you are planning to go to the Sphere no matter what and don’t really need to hear my opinion or see more photos.

Over the last month, I concocted a plan to drive to Vegas, where my kids would fly in and meet me for the concert. Then I would continue on to California before heading back through Utah to see whatever I can see. I would work every day from the road. More about all of that later.

A lot could’ve gone wrong with all of this. Honestly, sitting in our seats at the Sphere, I reflected on how I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if none of this had panned out. Someone gets sick, can’t make it, or countless other problems.

The venue is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Photos don’t do it justice. Such a ginormous screen allows them to create scenes that are stunning. They can play tricks with movement that make it so immersive and new.

In a way, it’s an experiment, a spectacle. This is balanced by some quieter moments too, where the band plays without any fanciness on screen to distract you. I think this kind of show could continue to be tweaked as the producers better understand what works in the venue.

If you’re a fan of U2 or like visiting Las Vegas, I highly recommend it. I’ve grown to love and hate different parts of the city. For me, it’s best in moderation. Come for a couple days, have a great time, spend too much money, and then it’s time to get back to the real world. Roller coasters on the top of New York New York, a recreation of the Eiffel Tower, a pyramid… the Sphere is unique and amazing and fits in perfectly.

Manton Reece @manton