iA Writer 7

Nice approach in iA Writer 7 for pasting ChatGPT output into your writing and tracking your edits to make it your own. There is also a Markdown extension for attribution in a range of text. However, I found this part of their blog post a little puzzling:

While the format is open, avoid cloning our work. Draw inspiration from what we made. Change it. Improve it. Design it yourself. Work on it until it is substantially better. If you can’t beat our design, then let it be and do something else.

There is a long history with text editors of drawing inspiration from features in competing products. What iA Writer has built here is not easy technically. If someone eventually copies it, I would chalk it up as praise and move on to the next thing. (Admittedly that’s easy for me to say as an outsider, though.)

Also, a reminder that iA Writer supports native publishing to Micro.blog! It’s a great writing app with elegant support of Markdown. Despite my nitpick above, I do like their thoughtful take on AI integration, and I think version 7 is going to be well received.

Manton Reece @manton