Adam Mosseri on Threads plans, video transcript

Yesterday, Meta started enabling limited support for ActivityPub in Threads, mostly around following Threads users from platforms like Mastodon and Adam Mosseri had an excellent video update on Threads that gave the most detailed look into their roadmap:

This work is taking longer than we thought given our safety work, given our compliance work, and given all the scrutiny on our company. But over 2024 we’re going to be adding the ability to post from Threads to these other servers. We’re going to eventually also support the ability to show replies in Threads natively, and eventually allow you to even follow accounts on those other servers from the Threads app itself.

I made a transcript of his video because it contains more than his text posts on Threads. I transcribed it with Audio Hijack and and then double-checked it with the subtitles on Adam’s video. You can read the full thing in this Gist.

Manton Reece @manton