Following Bluesky users from

This weekend I added limited support for following Bluesky users in This isn’t federating with Bluesky yet. Instead, it uses a combination of Bluesky’s RSS feeds and the AT Protocol.

To follow a Bluesky user who has an account username in the form, just search for the username in It doesn’t work for custom domain usernames in Bluesky, because will think you want to follow the user’s blog instead.

Here’s a screenshot showing a search:

Screenshot of searching for in's Discover page.

Note that Bluesky’s RSS feeds are brand new, and there are a few missing pieces. Photos in posts are not included and inline links may not work perfectly. Still, I expect Bluesky to improve this over time, and already it’s a useful way to follow many Bluesky users.

I’m planning to improve the side of this in the coming months, such as supporting replying back to Bluesky users. Bridgy can also take Bluesky replies to your blog posts and send them back to via Webmention. (I’ve updated the Alpine theme in to include the IndieWeb’s u-syndication microformat, so services like Bridgy can more easily map Bluesky posts with the canonical microblog post on

Happy holidays! 🎄

Manton Reece @manton