Bluesky replies via Bridgy

Blogs and social networks talking to each other is still kind of magic. If you’re on the latest version of’s Alpine theme, replies from Bluesky can now flow into via Bridgy. We’ll be updating all the blog themes to support this, or you can modify your theme.

This works by signing into Bridgy so that it knows how to link your blog and your Bluesky account. Then if you have cross-posting enabled to copy blog posts to Bluesky, Bridgy will look for replies and match them up to the canonical version of the blog post. It then sends a webmention to

In the Alpine theme, I’m telling Bridgy about this relationship using the u-syndication microformat. I have it hidden for now, but it can just as easily be an icon or text link to Bluesky:

{{ if .Params.bluesky }}
  <a class="u-syndication" {{ printf "href=%q" .Params.bluesky.url | safeHTMLAttr }} style="display: none;">Also on Bluesky</a>
{{ end }}

Eventually this will all be more automatic. Replies back to Bluesky aren’t possible yet, so you’ll still need to click through to Bluesky to reply. But even now if you don’t mind tinkering, a lot is possible. It’s cool to see replies from Bluesky just show up like normal replies in the timeline. Because Bluesky uses domain names for usernames, they fit naturally into the way thinks about the web.

Manton Reece @manton