Micro.blog category improvements

There has been a long-standing issue in Micro.blog where blog category names had to be ASCII characters. No more! Today I rolled out a few major, related improvements to categories:

  • Category names can now contain special characters. This is important for non-English languages.
  • Category URLs can be customized. So if a category is “CafĂ©”, the category slug can be “cafe” without the accent.
  • Category URLs can even be outside the usual “/categories” path. So instead of “/categories/books”, you can just use “/books”.

These customizations are available with a new field on the edit category page. I hope folks enjoy this extra flexibility. Also note that it’s possible to create new conflicts, such as the same path being used for standalone pages and categories… Just be mindful of this when creating pages.

Manton Reece @manton