Posts reply count UI can be thought of as a mashup of a Twitter-like social timeline and a WordPress-like blog posts admin interface. Some parts of the interface are designed for interacting with the community, some parts are designed for managing your blog, and some parts are kind of in limbo between both sides of the platform.

One example of this is on the Posts screen, where there hasn’t been a link from one of your blog posts to any of its replies. Today I added that:

Screenshot of post with edit button and 1 reply bubble.

I have mixed feelings about this interface. We try to avoid “counts of things” across the platform. There are no follower counts and no like counts. We want to discourage the popularity contest mentality that can come from comparing statistics across users.

In this case, these are just links to replies on your own view of your posts. If a post has no replies, there is no indicator. I decided to roll this out so we can live with it for a little while and see if we like it. I consider if somewhat experimental and based on feedback, we may change it to be less prominent, or deemphasize the count. It could also fade away if there are no new replies recently.

Still thinking about this, but wanted to share it now. We update the platform on a near-daily basis, usually small fixes and tweaks. Check out for a log of recent changes.

Manton Reece @manton