Bluesky domain handles in

I’ve always liked how Bluesky uses a domain name for your handle. Starting today, has built-in support for verifying these! If you’ve signed into Bluesky with, it will automatically return your AT Protocol “DID” from the .well-known URL for your blog. No DNS fiddling.

In more detail, it looks something like this:

  • Your blog is (for example) hosted on
  • Your handle on Bluesky is but you want it to be just
  • Sign into Bluesky in under Account → Edit Sources & Cross-posting.
  • Go back to Bluesky and change your handle to You’ll want to choose the “No DNS Panel” option.

That’s it! Bluesky will check with to verify that it’s your blog. After everything is set up, you may need to go back to your cross-posting settings and update to use your new Bluesky handle too, if you want to send blog posts over there automatically.

Manton Reece @manton