Simplified pricing in has always had per-blog pricing. Hosting one blog was $5, two blogs was $10, three blogs was $15, and so on. On top of that, Premium added additional features either to a specific blog (like podcast hosting, video, and email newsletters) or across the platform (like our new notes feature).

The reason this pricing appealed to me is that by charging for each blog, we could keep the standard plan as low as possible for most people who only have one blog. If you needed multiple blogs, upgrading added on to the subscription in a way that seemed fair to us and customers.

Over the years we’ve had problems with this pricing, though. It was confusing to keep track of. There have even been billing mistakes because the code for subscriptions was too complicated. Instead of obvious tiers on your account, each blog was effectively its own tier, with tricky scenarios when trials and yearly pricing are mixed in.

Today that’s changing. We are getting rid of the per-blog pricing. Instead, there will be three simple plans, and Premium will now include multiple blogs.

  • $5: one blog with all the basic features
  • $10: Premium, all the advanced features and up to 5 blogs included
  • $15: Family, same as Premium but up to 5 users can post to any of your blogs

Additionally, there will continue to be no charge for hosting extra single-page web sites and test blogs. The new “up to 5 blogs” count is for normal, full blogs.

Most people only have one blog. If you do already have multiple blogs, this pricing change may mean you’ll be paying less. By the time you read this, your subscription should have been updated to reflect the change.

For example, if you had two blogs, one standard blog and one using Premium, previously that would have been $5 + $10 = $15. Now, having two blogs is covered in Premium, so your cost goes down to $10. Or if you had two $5 blogs already, you’ve been upgraded to Premium automatically because it’s the same price you were paying before. has been updated throughout to reflect this pricing change, including a redesigned Plans page to upgrade or downgrade your account. Creating new blogs is simpler too.

I’m biased, but I think hosting is one of the best values on the web. Nothing else comes close to the depth of features. Hope you like as much as we like building it.

Manton Reece @manton