Bluesky opening up federation

Bluesky has a couple new blog posts and info around the production deploy of federation. From their main blog post:

The ability to host your own data, just as you might run your own website, provides the fundamental guarantee that social media will never again be controlled by only one company. Even if Bluesky were to disappear, if the data is hosted across different sites, the network can be rebuilt. The fact that it requires no permission to set up a new website is what has made the open web such a dynamic and creative force.

If you’re mostly familiar with Mastodon’s view of the social web, keep in mind that Bluesky’s AT Protocol is very different than ActivityPub. Both specs solve different problems. If you thought ActivityPub was complicated, just wait until you go down the rabbit hole of AT and Merkle search trees! It is wonderful and terrible. 🤪

For, today we support cross-posting to Bluesky, so we’ve already dipped our toes into the XRPC API. I blogged last year about what I learned with sending posts to Bluesky.

The long-term plan for is to fully support AT’s PDS — Personal Data Servers. Any blog hosted on would plug into Bluesky seamlessly, with data portable to other AT Protocol hosting providers. However, we are going to go slowly with this. I would say it is several months away.

Manton Reece @manton