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Some folks on who also actively use Bluesky have noticed something new we’ve been rolling out over the last couple of days: will now look for replies on Bluesky to your blog posts, bringing them into the timeline. This transforms into a base platform to manage even more of your social interactions.

How does it work in practice? Here is the basic flow:

  1. Post to your blog. With Bluesky cross-posting enabled, will automatically copy your post to Bluesky.
  2. Someone on Bluesky sees your blog post and replies to your post. Their reply is copied to, showing up in the timeline and in the Mentions section just like replies from and Mastodon.
  3. Now you reply to the Bluesky post directly within copies your reply back to Bluesky seamlessly. is effectively a universal timeline for not just but also ActivityPub, Bluesky, and other services. We want to make the web a little better by encouraging people to post to their own blog while still being connected to friends. That means embracing open platforms wherever they are.’s timeline is not limited to just accounts. You can follow blogs with a domain name, Bluesky users, Threads users, and of course Mastodon users. has always been a sort of mashup of blogs and social networks, and as the post-Twitter world starts to take shape, you can expect to also become a more powerful feed reader.

It’s still early days for the next phase of the social web. I’m going to keep working on this, improving our support for Bluesky, including the eventual push toward making a personal data server with the AT Protocol. We’re not quite there yet but we’re getting closer.

Manton Reece @manton