Micro.blog 3.2 for macOS

Lots of improvements in this release. Full release notes:

  • Added new logs window to show current blog publishing status and other errors.
  • Added keyboard navigation for the timeline. Up and down arrows to select posts, return key to view conversation, and command-R to reply.
  • Added View menu → Go to @username command to show your profile.
  • Added keyboard shortcut command-[ for back button.
  • Added right-click option to delete selected upload.
  • Added “…” button for selected books in a bookshelf, same options as right-click.
  • Improved book cover caching.
  • Improved icons and other little layout fixes.
  • Fixed Markdown header color when writing a blog post.

Here’s a screenshot of the new logs window:

Screenshot of logs window.

Perhaps the biggest change is finally some keyboard navigation for the timeline. Use the up and down arrow keys to select posts, the return key to view a conversation, and command-R to reply to a post.

Manton Reece @manton