Welcome Kimberly Hirsh! 👋

Excited to announce that @kimberlyhirsh is joining the Micro.blog team. She’ll be helping part-time with curation and community. We’ve been talking to Kimberly for a while and I’m happy she can join us as @jean moves on.

I’m looking forward to working with Kimberly, and seeing what new ways we can expand the team from here. As I mentioned in my post thanking Jean for all her work on Micro.blog, I think everyone can bring something different to the company. Vincent has also been at work behind the scenes to improve the admin features in our platform, with the hope that some of it can be available to more community members.

We know the long-term vision for what we want Micro.blog to be, but exactly how we get there can still be a surprise. Thanks Kimberly for wanting to be a part of this!

Manton Reece @manton