Jack Dorsey and Bluesky

This interview with Jack Dorsey provides some closure to his part of the Twitter and Bluesky story. On leaving the Bluesky board:

So I just decided to delete my account on Bluesky, and really focus on Nostr, and funding that to the best of my ability. I asked to get off the board as well, because I just don’t think a protocol needs a board or wants a board. And if it has a board, that’s not the thing that I wanted to help build or wanted to help fund.

Jack says that he respects Bluesky CEO Jay Graber, just that what they each wanted went in different directions.

Jay herself responded this week on Bluesky:

With all due respect to Jack for having the vision to invest in decentralized protocols, we’ve carried out the work in a way I don’t think he fully understands. Bluesky is structurally open in a way Twitter has never been, but the design of atproto allows it to feel familiar and easy to use.

There was also this defense of Jay from Bluesky developer Paul Frazee:

I’ve been watching Jay make consistently strong strategic decisions under incredible pressure, and watching her get dogged by this 2nd rate nonsense is too much. That guy isn’t the story. The fact Jay charted her own path is.

Personally, I still really like what Bluesky is doing. We’re continuing to add Bluesky features to Micro.blog, like being able to see and reply to Bluesky posts within Micro.blog. For the foreseeable future, the social web is not going to be a single protocol (except of course HTTP).

Manton Reece @manton