Podcast hosting for $5

Six years ago, we launched our $10/month plan with podcast hosting. Since then we’ve added several big features to the plan, which is now called Micro.blog Premium:

  • Create up to 5 blogs, each with its own domain or subdomain
  • Email newsletters, to send automatically whenever you blog
  • Bookmark web pages, with archiving and content summaries
  • Make highlights in web pages, to search or blog about
  • Tags for bookmarks
  • Notes and journals, plus our companion app Strata
  • Share short videos

Today, I want to bring the podcast feature to more people, so we’re moving it down to the standard $5/month plan. The new audio narration for posts and podcast feeds remind me of how much fun it can be to have your own blog, to experiment and try new forms of content at your own space on the web. Let’s do more of it.

Manton Reece @manton