More DMA, more rejections, more exhaustion

Nick Heer on the latest DMA news and UTM rejection:

Perhaps there are legitimate security concerns in the UTM emulator. The burden of proof for that claim rests on Apple, however, and its ability to be a reliable narrator is sometimes questionable. Consider the possible conflicts of interest in App Tracking Transparency rules raised by German competition authorities.

Apple’s handling of the App Store is getting so old. It’s exhausting that there is always drama, always bad faith efforts, always two steps forward, one step back. Here’s what I blogged 13 years ago:

Apple, want to charge 30%? Go for it. Want to make the submission rules more strict? Fine. Want to adjust how you run the App Store to reflect what’s happening in the market? No problem. Just give developers an out. We are going to be back here year after year with the latest controversy until exclusive app distribution is fixed.

Maybe nothing I’ve written in 20 years of blogging has proven more true than that statement. Enough already! Just let us build apps that customers want and distribute them outside the store without gimmicks. That’s what the DMA is about and Apple knows it.

Manton Reece @manton