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After launching support for Mastodon on, I blogged about how is evolving to support 3 types of usernames: normal users, Mastodon users, and IndieWeb-friendly domain names. This last type of username is where I think we can bring more social network-like interactions to the full web.

Here’s an example. In a post on, you can @-mention someone’s blog by including in the post, using their domain name. If that blogger’s site supports Webmention, will send your mention to their blog, where it could be included as a comment.

I’ve been testing a new feature for this type of username in You can now follow blogs in the timeline, even if the blogger hasn’t yet registered on On the web, click Discover, then click the search icon, and enter their domain name. will auto-discover their JSON or RSS feed, letting you follow their blog just as you would follow any user.

Search field

This feature is designed for blogs with a custom domain name. It assumes one blog, one user, one domain name, so it doesn’t work to follow specific feed URLs yet. You’ll still want a traditional RSS reader for sites that have multiple feeds.

I’ll continue to improve this based on feedback, and start adding it to the native apps. is already one of the most open platforms of its kind, and I think this has a lot of potential to take it a step further.

Manton Reece @manton